Drew McWeeny, Sundance e «The Woman»

"Lucky McKee is, without question, a radical feminist horror filmmaker.  All you need to do is go back to his first feature "May" and then work your way forward.  His sensitivity towards his actresses, and the perspective each of his films takes, is practically political.  He returns to themes of power inequality and gender struggle, and he externalizes his subtext.  He has been consistent in his interests, and as a result, he hasn't been making $50 million studio films.  He doesn't seem terribly interested in remaking something or doing the easy jump-scare thing, and that can lead to some very difficult years for any horror filmmaker."

Drew McWeeny famoso ex-colaborador do Ain't It Cool News sobre a - já popular - tumultuada apresentação de «The Woman» no último festival de Sundance. Drew era um dos presentes na sessão e fala sobre o filme e a sua visão do infame episódio (vídeo). O texto na íntegra pode ser lido aqui.

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